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The Company

Unicorn Natural Products (P) Ltd is among the oldest and most reputed companies dealing in Natural Products from India, centrally located at Hyderabad in South of India. UNPPL  is in the vicinity of lush tropical forests that are the natural habitat of a variety of herbs, spices, medicinal plants and other valuable natural products. This not only gives UNPPL  a location advantage when it comes to sourcing quality raw materials, but also facilitates easy access and transportation of finished products most effectively.

Now Unicorn offers a wide range of standard herbal extracts in addition to its existing range of products. A fully modern, state of the art facility with Multi purpose Extraction unit and advance Drying system like Spray Dryer has been set up for this at Genome Valley, Turkapally, Hyderabad.

Quality Assurance

A highly qualified and experienced team of specialists will ensure the highest levels of quality standards. From raw material sourcing, to processing, blending, packaging and storage, quality assurance receives the highest priority. To ensure efficient and effective quality control and product improvisation Company is equipped with advance testing and measurement having instruments like HPLCs, GCs, UV, Spectrometer etc. Consistent efforts are made to maintain international standards at all times.

Research and Development

A team of research scientists are at work to develop innovative products for future markets at  UNPPL’s research and development center. A fully equipped facility including an extensive library and data center has been set up for this.

Total Quality Management

Good Manufacturing and Lab Practices are followed at all levels from raw materials to finished product. A controlled environment for storage ensures product stability and quality till it reaches the customer. A full range of standard products are always in stock to ensure continuous and uninterrupted supply.

Additives and Ingredients

UNPPL  is the sole representative in India for MAFCO Worldwide Corporation to market their MAGNASWEET range of products. These products formulated from licorice-base flavoring components finds a wide range of applications in the food processing, pharmaceuticals and tobacco-based industries. The versatile properties of Magnasweet, like enhancing of flavor, improving mouth feel, minimizing undesirable after taste, reducing acidic flavor notes and subtly altering sweetness, makes it the ideal choice in many applications.

Nutrition Products

With a greater emphasis being placed today on Good health, Unicorn has embarked on a venture to supply a wide range of nutrition products required by the Nutraceuticals, Food Processing and Pharmaceutical industries. From custom designed formulations to ready to use premixes will now be available from our new unit Unicorn Nutrition Products (P) Ltd.


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