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Unicorn's Network in India

Unicorn Natural Products (P) Ltd. is a member of the Unicorn Group of Companies. The group comprises of five companies all engaged in food related activities.

Unicorn Industries Ltd. is the flagship of the group and was started over 3 decades ago. This is an engineering concern engaged in design and manufacture of food processing equipment and bottling plants. Unicorn was one of the companies that pioneered the dairy industry in India and helped set up many milk processing and bottling plants. Today, some of the leading MNC brands like Coco Cola, Pepsi and Nestle are bottled at plants set up by Unicorn.

Visit : www.unicornindustries.net

Unicorn Pickels Ltd. (Foods division), an ISO 9000 company, is engaged in the cultivation of Gherkins and in processing these into pickles for export. Extensive areas near the city of Bangalore are under cultivation and the produce is processed at a modern plant for export to countries in Europe and the USA. 

Visit : www.unicornpickles.com

Rasa Agro-Tech Pvt. Ltd. (Seeds Division) produces hybrid seeds of vegetables and flowers for export markets. Over 3000 acres of farmlands are under cultivation, producing high quality seeds that find their way to farms all over the world. 

Visit : www.hybridproduction.com 

Unicorn Seeds Ltd. This company caters to the domestic market and produces both OP and Hybrid seeds. A large number of techno farms have been established, where, under controlled conditions high quality seeds are produced. 

Visit : www.choiceseed.com 


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